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Who loves playing Ned’s Head? Some of our sweeties loved the game so much they stole our brain and tooth (insert angry face). One of my littles loves this game so much I decided to incorporate a few goals into the game and make this way more entertaining.

I purchased clipart from Scrappin’ Doodles, Clipart from Carrie Teaching First, Graphics from the Pond and DC Doodles for this activity.

You can access the game on my TpT site. Instructions for game:

Print, laminate, cut out cards.

Throw cards into Ned’s Head. On the blank cards included in the Ned’s Head Game, write “card” or “germ”. You can also print off the germs and put them through a Xyron sticker makr then stick the germs on the cards. If they pull a card, they have to give you the answer. If they pull hand sanitizer, no germs allowed or the tissues, then follow those instructions. Have the child describe each item pulled out of Ned’s Head.

Here my own little is helping me make stickers and place them onto the blank cards that came in the game.

Here is one of my lovies playing the game. She loved it! Great success!

A young patient showing the items from Ned's Head Game


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